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About Us
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Why one day decidimos fundar this company and other jokes.

On this page we will tell you about ourselves, o a lo mejor no.

All the people singing in the street.

This is where we will explicarles to ustedes our company background and comentarles como demonios we survived . Por example, we are in this negocio since 1971, ya ha llovido. In 1982, we ganamos the Naranjito´s Convenience Award, y lo limpiamos a diario con un trapito. Our empleados come here every day a la hour que les parece.

Thinking mirando al techo

We are contratados por news agencies, tv channels, fruterias and other customers to autentificar the histories than they publican. A veces they are amazing, sometime are absurdas, but always nos partimos con ellas.

An ejemplo of our happy customers: The Sotano 71 site

Sótano 71

H.A.T. Consultors * 71 Scractchy Lane * Habocoloum * Petarda, IL * 23004